Oh, I guess you are a bride and a groom, and your wedding day is very soon!

Congratulations to you!

Now, a few words about the birth of FLOREO.

Once upon a time there was a girl. The girl loved flowers, whimsical tree branches and bright stones, and used to make lovely compositions out of them. And thus was born a DREAM – a dream to open a flower salon. Lots of work has been put in, and, in the year 2000, the dream turned into reality.

And here the story of FLOREO begins – a beautiful, fascinating story. (FLOREO derives from a latin verb meaning ‘”to bloom”, “to prosper”.)

I am grateful to all who have helped me to make FLOREO blossom!

It was a time of a flood of ideas, fanciful bouquets, and experience.

It was a time of hard work, a happy fatigue and anticipation for spring – the start of the wedding season. Every wedding brought a wonderful atmosphere of excitement, romance and beauty.

These wonderful moments brought me a deep satisfaction - satisfaction at the thought that my work brings joy not only to me, but to other people was well.

When I meet a bride for the first time, I see the picture of what may suit her, listen carefully to her own vision of the wedding day. It is so infinitely important! 

When I make decorations for a wedding, I put my whole soul into it, and I feel such a tremendous pleasure when I receive appreciation messages from my customers. Thank you so much!

8 years at FLOREO flushed away, and, finally, I was holding my own wedding bouquet at my own wedding ceremony! 9 months later, I was holding my own baby boy! I remember how, only 3 days before his birth, I decorated a Bride’s Pavilion, standing on the stepladder…

My son’s birth has brought the closure of my flower salon in the Riga center. But it has also brought the discovery of a new passion – silk drawing. My second son’s birth brought with it a passion towards the photography…

However, I still cannot imagine my life without flowers!

In 2010, my flower paradise, my FLOREO, was given a second breath. Though, now, FLOREO is focused on my favorites – brides and grooms. Now, it specializes in wedding decorations: bride’s bouquets, groom’s buttonholes, bridesmaids bouquets, wedding car flower decorations, wedding hall flower decorations, wedding bouquets, and everything that will make your wedding day blossom!!!

During my blooming career, I decorated the halls of almost all hotels of Riga and Jurmala, the halls of many castles of Latvia, and I shall be very glad to beautify your wedding day as well!

Looking forward to seeing you,